How to Find the Best Gold IRA Company

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You can also find several reviews about the most trustworthy companies on the market in order to know what choices you have at your disposal. Ultimately, you can discover what things you need to consider when making a final investment decision.

Why Investing in Gold?

We live in a world and age where the dollar and most other currencies are on a downward trend. Precious metal investment comes as a viable alternative to investing in the stock market or in bonds. Investing in gold comes with many advantages, including: good return on investment, a more diversified portfolio and increased safety.

Precious metal investing continues to be an extremely popular and wise investment choice for both corporations and private investors.

The Importance of Finding the Right Investment Company

The truth is that not all investment companies are created equal. Hence, deciding which company to trust your money with is of paramount importance in the long run, because it can make a huge difference in the total amount of money that you save.

On we are reviewing the top precious metal investment companies on the market, giving you precious insights on how they work and what advantages they provide.

Once you know how to find the right company and you can make a difference between these investment agencies, you will be able to feel more comfortable moving forward with your financial decision and you will gain the pace of mind that you are on the right path.

The moment you have decided to go with a gold IRA (Individual Retirement Account), the first step is to find a professional and trustworthy company to handle your IRA. Ideally, this should be an experienced investment firm specialized in managing gold retirement accounts.

The fact of the matter is that finding the right company for your needs is an increasingly difficult task, as more and more agencies are hitting the market, trying to get their own share of this profitable business. In order to be 100% sure that you make the right choice, you need to follow certain steps.

Do not invest in precious metals or gold without first abiding by these important rules:

  • Analyze several companies thoroughly and check their reputation with the BBB, Trustlink, Rip Off report and the BCA.
  • Understand that you can ask any gold vendor in order to find out more information and get the edge.
  • Learn how to stay away from unfriendly companies and from those are not trustworthy.

Are Gold IRA Companies Trustworthy?

When looking for a company that should take care of your life savings for you, the single most important thing you need to have is trust and confidence in them.

You need to track their record, look at their reputation, find out what other people think about these companies and discover if whether or not their experience with a particular gold investment company was positive.

One of the simplest ways to find out how reliable & trustworthy certain gold IRA companies are is to check their rating with the BCA (Business Consumer Alliance), BBB (Better Business Bureau) and TrustLink. BBB is the most important association of them all, as it accredits companies only if they meet certain harsh criteria.

BBB rates companies from F to AAA. On the other hand, TrustLink asks reviewers to award anywhere from one to five stars to each company.

The Importance of Finding Unbiased Reviews

Another extremely important thing you need to do in order to ensure a company is right for you is to read as many reviews as you can about it. These agencies (BBB, BCA and TrustLink) are definitely the best places to find unbiased reviews about gold IRA companies.

Obviously, you can find many reviews all across the web, but most of them are either too positive or too negative.

Another legit way to judge a company’s trustworthiness is by the total number of complaints or by their frequency. Of course, there will always be unhappy customers, so one complaint here and there is not detrimental to a company’s image.

However, a large volume of complaints can give you something to think about. Usually, the most common types of complaints about gold IRA companies are related to shipping, sales tactics, misleading claims and pressure sales.

Exorbitant fees and poor customer services are also quite big in the minds of many customers.

Fees – An Extremely Important Criterion

One of the most important factors you need to check out is the fees. You need to understand that companies’ charges vary enormously. While some companies prefer to charge more up-front, others love high annual storage fees.

Either way, you need to calculate the total amount of money you will have to spend in the long run.

Wide Range of Investments

It is also very important to ensure that the gold IRA company you want to work with offers more investment options. Some companies prefer to focus only on gold, while others enjoy offering the full range of precious metals and come with a wide product selection.

You should have a back-up plan, so in case the need arise, you can sell your gold stocks back and go with something else.

Discover How We Conducted Our Investigation

Evaluating a gold IRA company is not such an easy thing to do. One can’t simply look at their BBB rating and draw a conclusion. As a matter of fact, we have found certain providers that had an A+ rating, while simultaneously being under a thorough federal government investigation.

Hence, it is extremely important to consider multiple factors when assessing the performance and trustworthiness of a company. One of them is the amount of grievances. For instance, we reviewed a company with an almost perfect BBB rating of A+, but with 56 grievances.

Of course, BBB is not the only source of our own investigation and reviews. We also counted Trustlink in. In our analysis, we discovered a company that has obtained a flawless 5 star rating and has only one review, while most others have over 200 client testimonials.

Additionally, our testimonials rely on the reviews found on the BCA website. Yet again, this evaluation does not prove the professionalism and trustworthiness of a gold IRA company.

The greatest rating offered by the BCA is AAA. We have found one business that has a perfect AAA rating, but also at least 67 dissatisfaction and a pending lawsuit from a Santa Monica attorney. One other agency we have reviewed has a B rating, but has no testimonials.

Another one has an A+ rating, with many testimonials and zero complaints. All of this means that we have to search deeper in order to determine if a company is trustworthy indeed.

A very important factor we took into consideration when reviewing the most important gold IRA companies on the market was the number of years in the business. After all, if a certain agency has started only last year and has no complaints, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is perfect.

When a provider has been around for ten years or more, they are definitely a far better choice. Some good sources for reviews are Yelp, and Complaint Board.

Finally, we had a look at any former or present investigations, penalties or legal actions that these companies have dealt or are dealing with. As you can probably notice, we had to dig deep and go to exceptional lengths in order to determine who is really trustworthy and who does not qualify.

However, ultimately, all our information, research and assessments are meant to be a guideline for you. Nothing can even come close to your own private investigation.

Who Do We Recommend?

After conducting a thorough investigation, we have decided unanimously that Regal Assets is the single best gold IRA company on the market. Studying the top 40 leading IRA agencies, we have evaluated them according to the criteria presented above.


The outcome was not surprising at all for us – less than half of them can be considered viable prospects for your gold IRA rollover.

However, you will discover that only one of these stands out of the crowd by providing exceptional services and flawless customer services.

This is the same company most financial experts recommend as the most trustworthy when it comes to retirement funds and IRAs.

With over 11 years of experience in this industry (it was founded in 2003), this agency based in Burbank, CA is a top-quality official gold IRA company that has proven time and time again that trustworthy and reliable companies thrive, regardless of the market trend.

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Perfect Record

Regal Assets prides itself with a flawless record with the BBB, BCA and TrustLink. It has an A+ score with the BBB, with no complaints whatsoever. Additionally, BCA has awarded this agency a flawless AAA rating.

Finally, its 5-star rating from TrustLink is based on over 458 reviews (to date). The average of 5 stars means that not even a single customer was unhappy with the services offered.

Inc. Magazine

Rank #20 in United States for financial services.


Better Business Bureau


0 complaints on BBB



All 5 stars

World Wide Reputation

This company’s reputation extends far beyond these three rating agencies. Regal Assets has attracted a large number of unsolicited reviews from prominent figures, both media personalities and moguls. Even more significantly, the company has been featured in the Forbes magazine, being ranked #20 in the United States for financial services providers.

On top of all, Regal Assets has the distinction of being part of the top 500 companies in the USA, according to INC Magazine.

Fast & Reliable Customer Service

There are several reasons why this top agency has spiked such a huge level of interest. One of the leading causes is the phenomenal speed of their customer service department. For instance, your gold IRA rollover is set in less than 48 hours of placing the order.

Moreover, the gold reaches the depository within a week. In case this term is exceeded, you get a complimentary silver coin as a reward. No other similar company on the market offers these amazing services.

Amazing Fees

When we study the fees, we notice that Regal Assets charge an upfront fee of only $100 plus an extra $150 storage fees on an annual basis, regardless of the size of your account.

Moreover, Regal charge no set-up fees for investors and waive the first year’s fees for most of these investors.

Outstanding Customer Services

Another huge positive aspect of Regal Assets is their flawless customer service. All reviewers have testified that the customer service team has treated them with respect and strived to solve their problem in a timely manner. High pressure sales tactics were never used by the staff.

Additionally, each client will benefit of his own personal investment adviser who provides 24/7 support.

As a customer of Regal Assets, you have a full choice of investment options, including Gold coins, Silver coins, gold IRAs, stocks, currency and other packages from Regal Assets’ trusted partners.

The Buy-Back Program

What really makes Regal Assets stand out of the crowd is their buy-back program. Most competitors do not provide this tool. Under normal circumstances, if you need to terminate your gold IRA for any reason, you must find a buyer first, which means a lot of stress and extra hassles.

However, the great news is that Regal Assets guarantees to buy your gold IRA back from you at the current market price, even if it is more than what you paid for.

Making the Right Decision

The decision you have to make regarding your retirement savings is probably the most important you will ever have to make.

Choosing a gold IRA rollover and selecting the right company to handle your lifetime savings are definitely of paramount importance, because your old age depends on it. Probably you won’t get a second chance if you choose wrong.

Regal Assets is undoubtedly the best choice you have when it comes to gold IRAs. After you understand that the safest investment in uncertain times is gold, you need to realize that Regal Assets is the number 1 company to be trusted with your savings.

You simply can’t go wrong by choosing this reputable company over other similar gold IRA investment companies on the market.


Additional Companies That We Chose Not To Work With But Reviewed:

Why Investing in Gold is Much Better Investing in Stocks and Bonds

Your age notwithstanding, the best thing you can do during your work life is to secure your retirement. For many people, IRA, known in full as Individual Retirement Arrangement, is the best tax-efficient method to do so.

But in the last few decades, investors who are approaching the age of retirement have become very alarmed about investing in IRA, and the reason is that they feel that traditional value of assets of IRA, like bonds, stocks and cash, are increasingly being eroded by economic uncertainties and inflation.

In case you have not given thought to gold IRA rollover, there is no better time than now.

What is Gold IRA?

This refers to the account that you open with a financial institution and which enables you save for your retirement on tax-advantaged basis. Strictly speaking, an IRA is not an investment but you can look at it as a basket or a container in which you put different kinds of investment assets.

From the year 1997, IRS rules have enabled these assets to also include gold as well as other precious metals. For traditional IRA, choices for investing in gold may include gold mining, gold mutual funds, ETFs and gold futures.

However, note that it does not usually include bullions or physical coins.

But the problem is that, like many people, you may feel that, given the current economic climate, investing in physical gold is the safest thing to do. This, you may be led to believe, is the best way to ensure that you have real security for the future.

But for you to be able to put gold or other metals in the account, you will need to first open self-directed IRA. This gives you the whole range of investment options. In case you already have 401k or traditional IRA, the best approach to take would be by means of gold IRA rollover.

Defining Rollover

A gold IRA rollover may be defined as a process of moving your savings from Roth or traditional IRA, or 401k to a self-directed IRA. This, among other things, gives you the ability of holding physical gold as well as other precious metals into your IRA account.

The process is approved by IRS, and it doesn’t mean distribution for the purposes of tax so long as the money is in the new IRA account within 2 months.

And with your funds already in the self-directed IRA account, you now have total control regarding your investment decisions. Also, you will have access to several non-traditional assets, which includes gold.

Benefits of Putting Gold in an IRA

A retirement account exists mainly for the purposes of securing your future in later years. However, this is what is not achieved by traditional assets such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds. These instruments have one major problem, which is that they are paper assets.

In other words, they represent wealth that is held by another person and not necessarily by you. All that the paper does is to guarantee to pay you, the investor, the asset value at a future date. But what happens if the promise is broken, or if the value sinks to zero?

The paper simply becomes worthless.

Tangible Assets

If you want security, then you do not need paper assets but very tangible assets. Physical gold represents actual wealth that you yourself hold. The worth of investment does not depend on promises from companies or the government. It also does not depend on currency or economy performances.

Inflation is Your Enemy

One other major problem when it comes to traditional assets is the fact that they are prone to inflation. And for your information, nothing threatens your retirement investment more than inflation.

You cannot keep up with inflation like working people because unlike them, you will not have the luxury of promotions or pay rises. You might not be able to do anything even if you watch your assets get eroded. Cash IRAs, because they use the dollar as the investment tool, have a bigger problem.

This is because over the years, the dollar has continued to fall steadily.

Just take a look at the dollar and you will realize that its fall in value has staggered. The dollar has lost more than 90 percent of its purchasing value since the establishment of the Federal Reserve way back in 1913. Just as recently as 1971, it has lost over 80% of its purchasing power.

There are now even clearer signs that the dollar could be surrendering its status symbol as the reserve currency of the world.

Gold, on the other hand, has gained reputation as a protection against inflation and also a safe haven. The price of gold always rises at the same rate as consumer price index.

And since gold is purchased and sold internationally using the US dollars, a fall in the value of the dollar on the international markets will cause the price of gold to rise.


International Buying

As a matter of fact, the safe haven status of gold is among the main factors that will guarantee its growth in value. Globally, central banks all over the world are trying to adopt a policy that would see them increase their gold reserves to be proportional to their overseas reserves.

In particular, this is striking in case of the emerging markets like China, India and Russia. In these countries, there are deliberate efforts to shift from US bond markets and the US dollar because confidence in these is quickly diminishing.

In fact, the aim of the Chinese is to hold enough gold that would be able to back all its currency. This just shows that there is no way gold price is going down anytime soon.


Billionaire Boost

At the same time, domestically too, the status of gold as a safe haven from uncertainties of international economy continues to push up its demand. And it is not just institutional investors that are craving for the precious metal. Billionaires too are turning to gold.

Notable names include John Paulson and George Soros. Also, Bill Gross, he of PIMPCO, and also among the world’s biggest investment managers, has encouraged investors to consider getting into precious metals.


What Company Should You Call First?


Even if you decide not to go with Regal Assets, I highly recommend you give them a call. I felt much more confident about rolling over to gold after speaking to their expert.

It’s a matter of preference, but I rather spend my time on the phone with an expert than entire days researching and trying to find a legitimate source of information – which is hard to do nowadays.

Regal Assets will walk you through and answer all of your questions. They will go over the different options you have and no time pressure you the sale or tried to direct you into anything.

They will also take the time to educate you on precious metals investing since this is YOUR retirement money.

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